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Progress XVI

Sven started on Saturday, and I got off to an okay start. I managed to type up just over 350 words of Three's Company. It's slightly different from what I'd originally written, so technically it's new words, but I'm not counting it as such as it occurred as part of the typing up process. Now that I've altered the beginning, the rest of the type up should move along more quickly. Which is good, as I'll be doing the typing in the evening after having written new words during my lunchbreak.

I also started a new short story on Sunday, called Contraband. It will be a short-short I think. Possibly under 3K. Bizarrely enough, the story came to me when I was wandering back from my mother's house - with a bag of peppercorns, that I'd raided from her supply. Strange how these things can come about.

3's Company
New words: 1,358
Total words: 20,571
Total pages: 82.284
Lucy: Feeling her inner vixen ascend
Sam: Relieved that she hasn't left yet
Jared: Thinks a trip to the Botanic Gardens will do the trick
Kisses: 3 little smooches
Random sample of text: "I'm in room seven-oh-six. Come and get me." She blew them a quick kiss, shutting the door before they were even half-way across the room.

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