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Snow at 05:30 Monday, followed by lots of freezing and exciting driving to work (I have to drive up 2 1/2 un-gritted roads to reach a bus route that is gritted. Always an exciting prospect in icy weather!) Then last night it got down to about -10 (thank God for hot water bottles and border collies - bottle on the feet, border collies down one side, so nice and toasty!)
Tonight it's supposed to be a bit colder so socks will probably come into play at some point. It's not as bad as when we first moved in and were getting to grips with the fire / back boiler situation though - I haven't had to resort to the wooly hat in bed yet, although if it keeps up that night may come.

It's only the second day back at work and I'm looking forward to the weekend already. No afternoon off this week, in return for the late night, so I shall be flagging a bit by Friday.

But on saturday I have a mission! I have to clear out all of the non-essential / underused / never used pots and pans from the kitchen cupboards and restrict the contents to those that have a clear and useful purpose, as well as a more than vague chance of actually being used in the next decade or so.

Then I have to re-organise the tinned foodstuffs (mostly spicy mixed beans) into one cupboard, before heading off to a metropolis to stock up on all of the foodstuffs we do not have. And make stew.  I will no doubt be persistently aided by collies and a cat. Such is life.

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