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I'm a bit behind in the cumulation of my daily goal of 2.5 pages a day minimum (although, in making up for not writing at all for four days I did manage to crank out 9 pages yesterday as well as doing some longhand afterwards (while watching the Dark Knight which my DVD  player didn't want to let me see the last 10 minutes of ::grrrr::), so it's not all bad.)

I went swimming despite the cough that will not go away and I also did a load of laundry and swept the upstairs carpet, so I'm feeling productive in one sense, anyway!

I'm looking forward to properly light mornings, though. I can't quite get into the joy of getting up when it's pitch black outside and wazzing it down with rain. It just makes me want to curl up under the covers for another couple of hours - even the dogs don't want to get up when it's like that.

Anyway, past time for day jobbery. Onwards and upwards.


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Jan. 19th, 2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
Luckily, I'd seen DK at the cinema so I *knew* what happened. But it's not the same when you have to run through the final sequence in your head. It did the same to Hell Boy 2, so it may be having a flap with the new DVDs - maybe a new type of encoding's been added?

I have a new DVD recorder waiting in the wings (a Christmas present) so I think now is the time to hoover the dust off the wires and start unhooking / hooking things. (Or rather, now is the time for the housemate to do that. I do the PC, she does stereos, TVs and DVDs / VCRs!) Yay! Technology!
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