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Is it the weekend yet?

Collie #1 had successful surgery yesterday to remove a couple of cysts and, while she was under, to be spayed. The operation went well although she was groggy and cold when I got her home, so we did the pack thing and snuggled on the sofa with her under a blanket. Collies 2 & 3 rallied round as well, so that was good.

Today I am exhausted from not having slept well. She wouldn't go to sleep without knowing I was there so I dozed with either a leg or an arm out of the bed that she could lean on (part of it was that she had the 'do not lick your wounds' plastic cone of misery on her head). Once she was sure I wasn't going anywhere she went to sleep. If she's the same tonight I'm just going to get my sleeping bag out and sleep on the floor - it's times like these I wish I'd hung on to my futon.

She's much more chipper today; the vet said to keep her quiet so the grandparents will have their work cut out for them - keeping a border collie quiet once she's feeling better is no easy task.

So, today is a day of brain-deadiness through lack of sleep and a cold (no oinking yet!) I can hardly wait to go home so that I can lie down. But at least the pre-/post-operative worries are over.


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