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Long days and early mornings...

The start of term rush has begun and we've all been inundated with tours and resources sessions. It's been rewarding to see people get what you're trying to teach them, but it's knackering on the legs and feet and all I want to do when I get home is lie down in a hot bath with a nice cold drink in my hand. Unfortunately, by the time I get home I've got time for a bath and a cup of tea, a bit of dog walking, and then it's in bed to rinse / repeat the next day. Due to an increase in traffic, I now have to leave the house at 07:00hrs which is awful but at least I get to work c. 07:50 so I've got time to get settled before I have to start work.

(I am looking forward to Saturday; I have an appointment with a pillow and a duvet and only the postman and the imminent threat of post being savaged by the hounds will change that.)
Another reason I'm looking forward to Saturday, other than the lie-in, is Dorian Grey. I'm going to see that when Chum #1 gets home from work, and we can see how much it differs from the book.

I am currently re-reading Green Rider by Kristen Britain. I've just received my copy of The High  King's Tomb but it's been so long between books that I thought I ought to re-acquaint myself with the first two. (With some books, they come out so far apart that I'm just not bothered in the end.)

So, coffee; a few more tours; then home for spicy bean stew and dog walking.

I did get some words done yesterday, as well:

Project: Unnamed UF
New Words: 810
Present Total Word Count: 46,831
Goal: 80,000
My plan is to do more at the weekend and hopefully, once everyone's settled in, I'll be able to get more done at lunchtime/ in the evenings in a couple of weeks as I'll be less tired.


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