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Chum #1 has critiqued Wish Child for me - I spent last night going through her comments and agreeing/ disagreeing with them - so tonight/ tomorrow night I'll be making those changes and seeing what comes out at the other end so that it can be submitted over the weekend. Possibly Sunday as I'll be out at alt.fiction all day Saturday and probably completely cream-crackered when I get home.

I shall now pass Old Earth on to her so she can give me some feedback on that as well. Luckily, she reviews for New Books Magazine & Hodder? Headline? Harper Collins? (One of the H's anyway) and she's honest in her feedback and I don't take it personally, so it all works out rather well. I want my stories to be as good as possible so there's no point being precious about the feedback I ask for, eh?

In linkage:
The Portal is an online review of short-form science fiction, fantasy, and horror that will launch at World Fantasy in October 2010
No content as yet (obviously) but it's been mentioned around the blogosphere as one to keep an eye on so I thought I'd mention it while adding it to my Delicious folder. If you fancy working for them there's an email addy for you to get in touch.

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