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Short-short has been enveloped ready to be posted tomorrow when I can get to a post-office during work hours; the closing date's not until mid/late-September so I probably won't hear anything until November-ish, but at least it's off and I can forget about it. Two other shorts need sending out again, so I'll do that this evening if I can which will clear the decks for re-reading the 230-odd pages of the UF written so far in preparation for writing part two. This *has* to be completed before hell month starts on the 6th September so I'll be sticking to the deadline like four-day-old cornflakes on the bottom of the cereal bowl.

In other news...I saw Inception at the weekend (with the pater) and really enjoyed it. I thought it was clever, the ending left me satisified, and I liked the soundtrack. There were one or two moments when I got a head-twitch back to Shutter Island, but they were few and far between and not enough to draw me out of the film. What did draw me out slightly was recognising some of the actors' voices/ faces but being unable to place where I'd seen them last and I couldn't really concentrate until I'd figured that out - but that's a personal head-twitch rather than the fault of the film. I hadn't realised that, along with the Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan had also directed the Prestige which I also love. Chum #1 and I are going to see Inception this weekend so I shall look forward to a second viewing.

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