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Sleigh bells ring...

It snowed about three weeks ago and, on the nature reserve near me, we still have snow on the ground (and rather a lot of ice) but the Bear and his ladies are happy because they love snow. What they'll think about it when we still have it in February I don't know--perhaps the shine will have worn off by then?

I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that the presents for Chum #1 arrive in the next two days. I ordered some stuff for the pater and had it sent direct and it arrived on Tuesday. So where's my parcel? Grrrrr. I have emergency presents just in case the proper ones are delayed, but we shall live in hope that we will be blessed with post.

Tomorrow I'm off work and I will be boiling & baking my Christmas ham. Cloves and Canadian maple syrup liberally applied for  a lovely flavour and it all goes well with the port infused cranberry sauce I'll be making as well. The Chum and I can have the ham with crackers, cheese and sauce while watching a ghost story on television. The M.R. James tradition!

I hope all goes well with you all and that your Christmas is full of joy and empty of woe.

Merry =^..^=

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