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I've reached 98,421 words on the urban fantasy so not long to go until I hit 100K and then around 15-20K after that draft zero will be done! (Crosses pencils in hope.) I should already be over the 100K mark because I wrote a large segment longhand but decided during the typing up process that a large chunk really wasn't necessary. If I'm just going to cut it later in draft one I may as well not put it in at all. I'll hang on to the notebook in case I want to use it for something else, but for now that section is out. Too self-indulgent apart from anything else.

I've read hardly any new books since January. I've still got a bit of the head fog from the cold I had over Christmas so the only new books I've read are: Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison (brilliant series - I love the characters in this) and Mr Monster by Dan Wells (interesting, sometimes uncomfortable reading, but very good--I stayed up long past when I should have been dead to the world to finish this.) Both brilliant, but now I'm back to re-reading books so I can coast a bit if necessary. I am definitely having a lie-in tomorrow. (Do you hear that Welsh Red? No waking me up at 07:30hrs.)

I shall also cook tomorrow and my task will be to make a huge pot of bolognese sauce so that we can freeze half to have with baked potatoes if either I or Chum #1 are working late. Thank the maker for large freezers, they're invaluable when it comes to cooking and storing in bulk. I'm sure I will have lots of Collies keeping me company while I brown the meat--you never know when the two-legger will accidentally send some flying onto the kitchen floor, after all. It is cold and windy so some comfort food will be in order, I think.

And now coffee! And then planning for a short.

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