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Show me the way to go home...+ linkies

Haven't posted in a while because I've been tired, tired, tired. We do not like hot, muggy weather the collies and I. Rain, okay. Snow, okay. Sunny but with a nice cool wind - okay. Grey, hot, with crushing pressure and muggy enough to have your skin constantly filmed with grue? Do not want.

Of course tomorrow it looks like we're in for extreme wind 'n' rain so I shall no doubt change my tune and start muttering about having to do the dog walking in wellies (which I also do not like).

I have day-jobbery to do tomorrow until 13:00hrs and then I shall work on Dreams of Green to get that finished. (short story - aiming for c.5K but I always come in high on the first draft.) And then on Sunday Chum #1 is working so I shall have the house to myself at which point I *will* finish the plot-boarding I said I'd do way back on mumbledy-date. I want to get that done and revisions started/ done because I've had a! bright! idea!  and I want to improve my speed of actually, you know, completing things. A couple of novellas, a book and some short stories isn't bad but I can do better. (Why is it easier to plan for day jobberyness and less so for worky-non-day-jobberyness?)

Anyway, some links for the weekend:

Via Diana Peterfreund's feed on LJ: Camp NaNoWriMo which lets you log in with your regular November NaNoWriMo login and do a book in a month that isn't November.

From Paperback Writer (aka Lynn Viehl) - there're two posts on Quantam Writing, i.e. how you can plan things out to successfully work on more than one project at the same time. Part one is under the link and part two can be found in the sidebar on the right.

I will put up a slightly-more-than mid-year plan in a bit (and it *will* be realistic Merry, won't it?) Have it good, peeps.


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