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We have progress...

All of the notes for changing draft 1 (or zero, more properly I suppose) have been noted and now it's just for me to implement them. It's interesting, coming back to it after a fairly long gap. When I finished the initial draft of the novel my first thought (after the obligatory relief) was, Okay, it's a bit broken but overall not bad, Merry. Not bad. Going through it again, making notes on things to cut, things to explain more and things to add I wonder whether the rosy glow will ever return. It's not...awful; there is a story there but will it be enough? Only time and revision will tell. I'm glad I was off in Scotland last week on holiday as it meant that I could knuckle down and get through the final 140 pages that needed attacking and now I can work on inputting those changes.
This is, of course, absolutely the wrong time of year to be doing this. Term starts officially next week for part-time students although some of mine have started arriving already and so from Monday we will be entering the 6 week period of continuous tours and digital resources sessions that comprise the start of every autumn semester. Lunchtimes will be unreliable so I will have to rely on evenings and weekends at home until the end of October; this will be a real test of my time management abilities. ::big grin::

So, what are you all working on?

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