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Managed to add another 236 words during rewrites. I'm still in (the new) chapter one, but hopefully I'll shortly be arriving at a point where I get to take extraneous stuff out rather than just going add, add, add! We may be as slow as the tortoise but we'll get there.

In other news: I saw the first episode of The Fades last night (recorded on Sky+) and so far I'm cautiously optimistic. I was reading the latest Interzone yesterday and (I think) in the editorial was a comment that there's a lot of genre TV/ films but there isn't a lot of quality genre material around and at the moment I'd have to agree. (Although this is, obviously, subjective so your personal mileage may vary.)

I watched a couple of episodes of Falling Skies, the SF series with Noah Wylie and then work and other things kept me from watching it for a couple of weeks. When I got the chance to catch up with the series I just though, "Meh." And then deleted the remaining episodes off the planner. It was okay, but I've found personally that if you have a gap between episodes of a week or two then I'm more likely nowadays to not bother with the rest of the series at all unless it really fires me up. Jericho went the same way; Haven was borderline but I may not bother with a second series. It's odd, but thinking about it, the SF/F series are the ones least likely to have me keep watching; whereas the crime series often will. So what do they do differently that makes watching the next episode something you want to do in an evening when you have so many other choices?

What keeps you watching?

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