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It's actually a gloriously sunny day with mainly blue skies and very high, fluffy off-white clouds. The leaves however are brown (mostly) and the high winds are ensuring that you get pelted by them rather than having them rain gently down. If it weren't so sunny it would be wooly hat weather for sure!

Baby Bear and co. are having a wonderful time as windy weather makes them high as kites and they skip all over the fields with joy at being out in weather that's not boring; last night we also had the excitement of being stared at by a fox from the shrubbery but without the trauma of being silently dive-bombed by one of the local owls so it was a good evening all round from their point of view. For me,  I had a nice walk followed up by Chum #1's variation on a BBC Good Food recipe of gnocchi with garlic, tomatoes, Greek basil (we didn't have any 'regular' basil but we had some of the Greek in the garden from an earlier cooking experiment) mushrooms and green beans (beans and gnocchi cooked separately from the rest) which is all mixed together and put into a little roasting pan, dotted (or rather 'blobbed') with spoonfuls of marscapone cheese, then sprinkled with roughly grated parmesan and grilled until it bubbles. Fantasmagorical. We will definitely be doing that variation again - not only was it tasty it was also cheap and ready in 10 minutes. Yum. The evening was rounded off with a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds S2. We're late to the CM party but we're really enjoying it so far which means that S3 may shortly be on the horizon. What we'll do when we get to the latest season I have no idea.

In other news, I saw the remake of True Grit at the weekend. I don't normally do westerns but I rationalised it by muttering it was a Coen Brothers' film as well as a Jeff Bridges' film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It could have been set in an outpost on a colonised Mars and it would have worked as it was very much a character driven revenge/justice story and wasn't really reliant on setting overmuch apart from the frontier/ remote aspect.

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