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Plotting problem sorted

I've been plotting (very slowly and without the hand rubbing and bwahahahaha that normally accompanies same) the new novel and had got up to chapter 16 in the outline constantly accompanied by the uneasy feeling that there was a leetle problem with the reason for one of the main characters to be where he was. I wasn't convinced so there's no way that anyone else would be. However, late last night (and why is it always night?) when I was out walking through the snowy woods with the bounding Collies I realised why he was really there. It was logical (Yay!) but it has meant that the earlier chapter outlines need a bit of a tweak (Boo!) to account for the changes. I actually feel confident that this weekend chapter one may get done. Hoo-Rah!


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Feb. 13th, 2012 10:50 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm glad I got that bit sorted although it did create a knock on effect for the other main character's motivation (or rather it highlighted a weakness in my reasoning) and I spent most of the weekend trying to sort it out. I'm working on a paranormal so the rules I'm implicitly referring to have to make sense and they weren't and it's the sort of thing people pick up on. Grrrr.

No worries on the commenting; I go in cycles myself and sometimes even catching up with the friends list is impossible if you're even a week behind. If day job work gets really busy it can be a good few weeks before I check/post again so I completely understand! :-)

Re: the plot - I can say that there is a Carnival with very few humans in it; a small English village where all is not what it seems; murder by soul swapping; mayhem; ghosts; and a Medium who may be able to do more than just talk to ghosts (and this would be considered a bad thing by the people who keep an eye on that sort of ability.)

I'll do a post on my process in a bit, although it may come across as overly complicated (in a what's she doing all that for? kind of way). 0_o

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