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Hello Spring! Have you sprung?

The sun is out and shining but I am indoors...boo! Ah, well. With any luck the rain scheduled for the middle of the week will have jogged on elsewhere by the weekend as, among other things, I have some tidying up in the garden to do. (And laundry - there is always laundry.)

Short story update: Red Doors is almost done. Had to do two re-writes of the beginning because I didn't like where I'd started it (my perennial problem) but I'm pretty sure this is it and will get the first draft done in the next couple of days. Then edit; read aloud & revise, followed by getting Chum #1 to have a read and see if I've missed out anything important.

Books read and recommended:
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion - this is a fantastic book about zombies who rediscover what it is to live (and the humans who learn to live and let live). I originally picked up the book because I was going to see the film and wanted to read the story beforehand, and although there are obviously differences between film and book the core of the text did come through in the movie. I read it pretty much in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down, had to find out what happened next, did they survive etc? And when I got to the end I put the book down with that lovely sense of readerly satisfaction; the reading equivalent of having had a tasty, varied, fulfilling meal. I'm not one for zombie books generally but I definitely recommend this one.

Wide Open by Deborah Coates - this is a supernatural mystery set in the present day on the Great Plains with a briliiant protagonist - Hallie - on home leave to attend her sister's funeral whose death is being put forward as an accident. The presence of Hallie's sister as a ghost tells a different story, however. Again this is a book that I wanted to keep reading without interruptions. Hallie's a great character, flawed and argumentative with a trigger temper but with a huge heart that wants to see justice done (even if that justice is outside the law). I'm really looking forward to book two - Deep Down (and annoyed that it isn't out until April in the UK and there's no mention of e-versions at all) and I can already tell that this is a book I'll be re-reading over the years. The Plains are a character in and of themselves and I have to say that I'm not sure how I'd cope living somewhere that flat as I'm far too used to hills and mountains breaking up the sky, but that works in the story's favour as it adds to the air of menace when it seems that even the landscape can work against you.

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