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Hello April my old friend...

No snow in April so I'm counting this as a bonus especially as we haven't had the fire lit for the past three weeks which means that the weather has definitely turned! Soon we will stop using hot water bottles as well and I may consider taking a layer of bedding off the bed too! (That could be a step too far, mind. I might wait until mid-May. Just to be sure. ::grinning:: You think I'm joking but I'm not! Four layers at the moment, plus separate dog and cat blankets on top. Cocoon! (Coccoon?)

My mint--courtesy of mor-far--is coming back up again now that I've chopped down all the dead stalks from last year so it won't be long before we get to have it in our Greek-style pesto fresh from the garden! nom nom nom. I've also done lots of weeding but the weather-bods are predicting rain this weekend which means that not only will the mint go, 'Yay! GROW!', so will the weeds and I will have to grub around getting them out while middle collie tries to help. HINT: when tossing garden detritus to one side, LET GO really quickly. Otherwise over-excited collie will grab your hand as well as the weeds. ::bad bad beans::

Anyway, just a quick catch-up to prove that I still exist and haven't fallen down a hole/ been beamed up by aliens etc.

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