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I'm short, I write, I have Border Collies. (Just think Hobbit with collies)

I write genre fiction and try not to limit myself to one type. I like writing what I read, and as you can see below, I read across a lot of genres.

Genres: fantasy, science fiction, romance (in most of it's sub-genres i.e. paranormal/ fantasy/ futuristic/ science fiction/ erotic/ historical), urban fantasy, horror, M/M, YA - genre stories though. I'm not that keen on contemporary fiction unless it also fits into a genre category so, mid-life crisis story? No. Mid-life crisis story because zombies are taking over the earth? I'll give it a go!

Non-fiction: Middle Ages, Georgian history (as in King George, rather than Georgia), popular science, astronomy, ancient history, mythology & folklore, volcanology and anything else that catches my eye.

Music: I like soundtracks, especially if the score has been done by John Williams, Hans Zimmer or Howard Shore (there are others, but these are the big three) - have to add Carter Burwell to the list. Awesomeness, peeps. I also like Nickelback, My Chemical Romance, Iron Maiden, Magnum, David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust incarnation, Muse, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Paramore, Sisters of Mercy, Blondie, Foo Fighters, Dvorak, as well as individual songs by certain people...too many to list!


My sister's bones in the charity anthology Nothing But Red

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